My Story

I love flowers and art and this is the perfect blending of the two. This business has sprung up literally overnight, although with years of preparation for such a time as this. Years ago, I trained with a local florist and then had 5 children and a busy mom life. I have done arrangements and weddings and events for friends, taken art classes and served people in numerous ways. A few years ago I was struck with an illness that took the wind out of my sails. I found myself feeling like my life, as I knew it, was over. I started to get healthier but was struggling to find purpose. Then came flowers! Family and friends encouraged me to do some flower arrangements for Christmas and Petals and Papers was born and I was kind of born again, again. To be creative and giving and and being part of bringing joy to people is what my heart longs for.

I long to have success for the purpose of being generous. Out of every arrangement that goes out, a percentage will go to local charities. Whenever possible I support local farmers and artisans and small businesses. flower vessels are a blend of old and new, whenever possible I will reuse repurpose and recycle.